A Glimpse into AdventHealth’s ER

Oh hey there!

Oh hey there!

AdventHealth - we’re here to help make you feel whole.

Driving northbound on I35 my eyes captured a glimpse of a billboard depicting a content smile with one of AdventHealth’s most-stated phrases: Feel Whole. Little did I know that a couple of weeks later I would be invited to join the organization at its Emergency Room (ER) located at AdventHealth South Overland Park for an educational introduction.

With staff ranging from board certified physicians to administrative staff, I was welcomed with open arms to an engaging experience centered around demystifying what it means and feels like in visiting the ER. Specifically, with AdventHealth, the first thing you can expect is a comforting, knowledgeable staff member. Its attendants are all board-certified ER physicians and nurses providing a sense of relief the moment you walk through the door.

AdventHealth Emergency Room
AdventHealth South Overland Park

AdventHealth’s approach to triage is centered around efficiency: being able to diagnose with haste and determine the best course of action while systematically seeing to the needs of its present patients. It’s very complex and intricate but allows for the highest-quality care while seeing that patients are treated, released, and new-incoming patients can be appropriately attended to.

During my visit to AdventHealth South Overland Park, I was taken on a tour of the facility.

One question that quickly popped to mind (and may be lingering in yours) as I walked through the halls is, ‘what makes this campus and its ER different?’

The simple answer most of us would naturally come to is that it is an ER detached or distant from a hospital campus. However, that just scratches the surface.

AdventHealth, Kasim Hardaway

In the case of AdventHealth’s ERs, patients receive the same care provided at your traditional ER located in a hospital. AdventHealth’s fully functional ERs operate 24/7 and are equipped to handle everything from a broken bone to a heart attack. The underlying piece that truly differentiates it from a traditional hospital is being admitted. Rest assured that if your illness necessitates being admitted, AdventHealth can either transfer you to their main location, or has agreements and partnerships with local hospitals to make your transport seamless.

After reading all of this, you may have one burning question — when do I visit the ER…  versus Urgent Care or Primary Care? At times it can seem like there’s no straightforward answer but here’s a small rule of thumb:

  • Visit the Emergency Room for life threatening injuries or illnesses, for example a heart attack, seizures, excessive vomiting 

  • Visit Urgent Care in times of need where there is a non-life threatening issue, for example sprains, small lacerations, moderate colds

  • Visit Primary Care for ongoing symptoms or preventative health care, for example immunizations, management of chronic illnesses

As a food-enthusiast and sometimes indulgent eater, my health is extremely important to me. While the majority of my life has been spent in fear of all things medical-related and unease in ER settings, my partnership with AdventHealth helped to alleviate those feelings.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with AdventHealth. The opinions are all mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Kasim Hardaway!

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