Photo by Alyssa B.

Photo by Alyssa B.


Meet Kasim.
It’s like awesome, but with a k.

Part social media influencer, part marketing guru and full on fatty with an insatiable appetite.

Yet it doesn’t end there. From food styling to creative strategy, Kasim works with brands on a number of fronts centering around dynamic storytelling. If he’s not stuffing his face at the newest restaurant in Kansas City, you can find him flavor testing and developing recipes at home.

He considers himself a professional juggler, always defying the limits of time management.

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You can find a little bit of everything on Kasim’s site. Here is a bit of a roadmap to help you get started — kick off your exploration with his blog, as an influencer he aspires to be the go-to Kansas City authority: informing his following on best stays to tastiest bites to prettiest sights.

As a marketer, Kasim seeks to help brands, businesses and entrepreneurs tell their unique story through strategic digital marketing, creative strategy and community building.

His ultimate love is food and he chronicles his caloric-journey with his iPhone X, #shotoniphone. Kasim shoots exclusively on his mobile device and has sharpened his skills to work with brands like Red Lobster and Nebraska Furniture Mart.