Please welcome, Tyler Conover


Tyler Joins our team after several weeks of close collaboration. Being a Kansas City native he shares our passion for Kansas City, and making sure the word gets out about what it has to offer.

He graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013 and some of his hobbies, aside from writing, include watching sports, cooking, playing pool, dining out around the city and, when time allows, enjoying a drink or two on a patio (Harry’s Bar and Tables in Westport is his favorite). See Also: Top 5 Best Patios in Kansas City

Tyler will be contributing feature stories ranging from where to find the best bowl of ramen in KC to where to go for the best arcade games in town; and everything in between. Rumor has it he may even have some recipes up his sleeve for you all to try out as well. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you see him around town he enjoys meeting new people so say hi.

Let's get to know Tyler a bit more with some question about his favorite spots around KC.

What is your favorite coffee shop in Kansas City?
It was YJs, but I have not been to the new location since the move last week and am not sure how the vibe may have changed. Thou Mayest is probably my favorite, YJs might take that spot back though.

What is your favorite drink and where can you find it in Kansas City?
My favorite drink is an Old Fashioned, and Julep's Rye Old Fashioned is my favorite. Very close second is the Gin and Tonic at Gram and Dun.

What meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?
Tacos, they are so versatile the combinations are nearly endless.

Savory or Sweet?
Generally savory, however it is hard to pass up well made red velvet cake. 

What is your favorite thing about Kansas City?
 There are many aspects of the city I love, but the food diversity is certainly excellent. Within walking distance I can get Spanish Tapas at La Bodega, sushi at Nara, hit the butcher stop at Anton's, go to Jack Stack in the Freight House or go to Koko Thai. That's without having to get in a car. See Also: Best Thai Food in Kansas City - Koko Thai

What is your favorite bbq restaurant in Kansas City and why?
Nearly impossible to answer, Joe's is my favorite overall; brisket and ribs are top-shelf. Jack Stack and Q39 are brilliant variations of a sit down barbecue joint, and the mixed meat plate at Gates is delightful but Joe's comes in at #1 for me.

Royals or Chiefs?
Royals. I enjoy the Chiefs, I watch every game and the city is more fun when they win. However, I am a Cowboys fan!

What is your favorite brunch spot in Kansas City?
 Favorite brunch spot is another tough question, but I think it is Beer Kitchen and I get the Chicken and Waffles or the Hash. Always looking for new places to try though. 

What is your hands down favorite restaurant in Kansas City?
My favorite restaurant is probably Beer Kitchen. I can go for any meal or just for a snack and drinks. The Menu is bulletproof. Although not asked, I felt it to be relevant. My favorite food truck is the Jerusalem Cafe truck in Westport; it only opens when the restaurant closes, but it's tasty stuff.

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