Mother Clucker: Bringing Nashville Heat to Kansas City

The Comeback Sandwich at Mother Clucker is my personal favorite.

The Comeback Sandwich at Mother Clucker is my personal favorite.

Hearing about a new restaurant in Kansas City is a joyous occasion, especially one tucked inside of Parlor in the Crossroads District.

The experience is further enhanced, and an uncontrollable smile arises when the first bite lives up to the hype. At Mother Clucker the hype is very real and that is for a good reason; they serve up, arguably, the best hot chicken in town.

The menu is inspired by the Nashville staple, and once plated the glare from the hot chicken’s golden spices are striking. There is a gradual climb of heat available, six levels all told with the climax being reached at “What the Cluck.” This boss level is reserved for those with an advanced spice palate, this is not the time to get cute.

Whether it be a three piece and coleslaw, a spicy chicken sandwich with fries or the lucky occurrence of chicken and waffles, the whole menu will leave you in utter delight. While the main attraction is the chicken, I’d be remiss if I failed to mention their desserts which are a work of art. Now that you have been schooled on the way of the world, let’s see if you can create an order worthy of making your friends jealous. We would love to see what your perfect order looks like.

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Mother Clucker

1707 Locust Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108