Best Thai Food in Kansas City: KoKo Thai

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Best Thai Food in Kansas City: Koko Thai

Koko Thai is a quaint family owned restaurant where flavors from Northern Thailand and Laos marry to produce an extraordinary lineup of dishes.

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Window seats are prime real estate at Koko Thai and make for an entertaining show. People watching just so happens to be one of my favorite activities—outside of analyzing restaurant menus. Koko Thai’s menu is full of classic Thai staples as well as unfamiliar, more adventurous creations by Owner and Executive Chef, Steve Srivisay, that will surely surprise you.

In the mood for one of his culinary surprises? Try Chef Srivisay’s Drunken Spaghetti, made with actual spaghetti noodles and a basil garlic drunken sauce!

What to Order: Thai Basil Wings, Papaya Salad, Koko's Crispy Garlic Chicken and a Thai Iced Tea.

Best Thai Food in Kansas City: Koko Thai-Thai Basil Wings, Kasim Hardaway

Thai Basil Wings

Crispy and saucy, just how I like my wings! Tossed in a tangy garlic basil sauce, these wings will leave you licking your fingers.

Best Thai Food in Kansas City: Koko Thai-Papaya Salad, Kasim Hardaway

Papaya Salad

A Thai classic--if you are going to eat Thai food, you must order Papaya Salad.

Koko Thai's rendition of the salad is true to the traditional recipe: shredded papaya with tomato, green beans peanuts and lime juice.

Best Thai Food in Kansas City: Koko Thai-Koko's Crispy Garlic Chicken, Kasim Hardaway

Koko's Crispy Garlic Chicken

Koko's Crispy Garlic Chicken is one of the most popular dishes amongst Koko Thai's patrons! The flavor incorporated into this dish is out of this world and the chicken is cooked to absolute perfection. 

Best Thai Food in Kansas City: Koko Thai-Thai Iced Tea, Kasim Hardaway

Thai Tea

Thai Tea is a quintessential Southeast Asian beverage most commonly served on ice. It's a sweet treat made from tea, milk and sugar that can be enjoyed during your meal or after as dessert. 

In the mood for an alcoholic beverage? Koko Thai is BYOB! Be sure to bring a few brews or a bottle to enjoy with your meal!

Koko Thai

1513 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108