5 Best Donut Shops in Kansas City

Donutology - Best Donut Shops in Kansas City, Kasim Hardaway

5 Best Donut Shops in Kansas City

Life is short, eat more donuts.  

Admit it: we all have problems but a donut will never be one. Glazed, jelly filled, frosted and of course sprinkles, these delectable treats are a sugar lover's delight. Whether you choose to eat one or the entire dozen, be sure to enjoy every last bite.

Here are my recommendations for the best deep fried, sweetened rings of goodness in Kansas City.
Donutology - Best Donut Shops in Kansas City, Kasim Hardaway


Donutology is Kansas City’s sugar laboratory: they are all about the science of donuts. Their Donutology 101 philosophy allows you to experiment with mixing and matching flavors to discover your perfect donut. What an ingenious idea! Say good-bye to boring and hello to limitless options.

Believe it or not, they've even sent a donut to space!

1009 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO  www.donutology.com

LaMar's Donuts

Known for their classic hot and fresh donuts, LaMar’s Donuts is a hit among most Kansas Citians. Did you know that the Kansas Trivial Pursuit game has a question that reads “Where do you stand in line for donuts in Kansas City?” Answer: "LaMar’s Donuts."

Now that says good donuts all over it!

3395 Main Street, Kansas City, MO  www.lamars.com

Doughnut Lounge

If you are craving variety, the Doughnut Lounge is your spot. Forget about the simple glazes and fillings, step it up a notch with their doughnut bowl with bacon and mac ‘n’ cheese or a biscuit and gravy doughnut. My favorite part about doughnut lounge is its casual, bar-esque environment that is perfect for a sit down meal or grabbing a drink with a friend--and don’t forget the doughnuts.

4117 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, MO  www.doughnutlounge.com

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Donut King

Northland owned and operated, Donut King is a local gem that every Kansas Citian needs to be familiar with. They make over forty-eight different donuts in house daily: that means that they are always fresh and never stale. When searching for that north of the river late night treat, stop into Donut King, they are open 144 hours per week.

Their slogan is fit for royalty: treat yourself like the king or queen you are.

2320 Armour Road, North Kansas City, MO  www.donutkingkc.com

Hana's Donut Company

You can find Hana’s donuts stocked at the Filling Station, One More Cup, Poor Coffee House and a few other spots around Kansas City. Hanna’s actual shop is located in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend that you try the oreo donut, it’s by far my favorite of all of her delicious creations.

2131 S 34th Street, Kansas City, KS  www.facebook.com/HanasDonuts