A Taste of Seattle Fish Company


If you are unfamiliar with Seattle Fish Company, think of it as Kansas City’s connection to the jewels of the ocean.

One of the largest suppliers of fresh fish in the area, this local business has been in the game for over100 years. Growing up on the East Coast, seafood has always had a special place in my heart. In transitioning to Kansas City, seafood options dwindled — however, companies like Seattle Fish make high-quality, sustainable and fresh seafood accessible in the landlocked midwest.

But I digress... Without further ado, here are 6 spots to dine at in Kansas City for a Taste of Seattle Fish Company!

Gram and Dun, Fried Catfish

Gram and Dun - Fried Catfish, Seattle Fish Company

Featuring Seattle Fish Company’s Catfish Filets sourced from Mississippi based Heartland Catfish.

Fried to a crisp perfection, Gram and Dun’s Cornmeal Fried Catfish will satisfy any seafood lover’s appetite. Paired with a luscious cheesy corn cooked with bits of country ham, hushpuppies and a tangy red cabbage slaw, you will feel as though you’ve been sent to the coastal South.

Trezo Mare, Wood Fired Scallops

Trezo Mare, Wood Fired Scallops - Seattle Fish Company

Marine Stewardship Council Certified, named ‘Sustainable Fish to Eat’

Scallops served atop smooth lobster mashed potatoes should be a win-win in any seafood lover’s book.

The firm texture of the scallops hold well to wood-firing, allowing for a perfect marriage of their delicate flavor with a smokiness from the fire. Each bite should be savored with a bit of the red pepper beurre blanc sauce — a classic French butter sauce.

Pierpont’s at Union Station, Lobster roll

Pierpont's at Union Station, Lobster Roll - Seattle Fish Company

Featuring Seattle Fish Company’s 7-8 oz Lobster Tails sourced from Riverside Lobster International Nova Scotia

Lobster rolls can be found in Kansas City!

Yes you heard that right. Pierpont’s at Union Station loads a savory bolillo roll with tempura battered lobster claws, butter lettuce, a mix of cucumber and celery tossed in a lemon aioli.

Summit Grill, Fish and Chips

Summit Grill - Fish and Chips, Seattle Fish Company

Rated Green ‘Best Choice’ by Monterey Bay Aquarium

Summit Grill’s fish and chips, a seafood classic, is a hefty serving of fresh haddock sourced from Norway. Beer-battered and fried to a golden hue, this haddock is mildly sweet with a lean white flesh.

All it requires is a squeeze of lemon, a dip in tartar sauce and a hearty appetite.

Seasons 52, Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon

Seasons 52 - Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon, Seattle Fish Company

Featuring Seattle Fish Company’s Atlantic Salmon sourced from Hofseth Norway

Seasons 52’s Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon is simple yet elegant. The salmon is served incredibly tender and moist from gently roasting over the cedar plank which infuses a woodsy, smoky flavor into the fish. It is delivered to your table alongside a medley of vegetables and a tasty dill-mustard sauce.

Westport Cafe & Bar, P.E.I Mussels

Westport Cafe and Bar - P.E.I Mussels

You’ll smell the aroma of Westport Cafe and Bar’s P.E.I Mussels before they hit your table. Though these mussels are not supplied by Seattle Fish Company, they are supportive of the consumption of sustainable seafood as a whole. Mussels are a particularly sustainable seafood option.

Slow simmered in a coconut curry with cilantro and bell pepper, the mussels are fragrant as they are delicious!

Stop drooling and download this tour card to guide you on your own tour of Seattle Fish around Kansas City!

For more information on the importance of sustainable fishing, consumption and ratings, check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and the Marine Stewardship Council.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Seattle Fish Company. The opinions are all mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Kasim Hardaway.

All photography by Alyssa B. of Little Fixations